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One of the most difficult moments in a person's life is coping with the loss of a loved one.  This can be especially trying if you are in charge of making the final arrangements.

Our family here at Washington's & Smith's Paradise would like to assist your family by providing guidance from experienced Funeral Directors that will help you in such a difficult time. 


The expertise, compassion, and professionalism at Washington's & Smith's Paradise is always present and we will do our very best to make this process as pleasant and comfortable as possible.



We offer a variety of services to suit your specific need.  Our staff provides you with complete funeral services from advance planning to at-need services during this difficult and emotional time.


Washington's & Smith's Paradise is committed to guiding, caring and comforting your family during this time of need. With a family-first attitude, your family will receive the highest level of personal attention and dignified service you deserve.



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No time is more sensitive and delicate than the moments following the loss of a loved one. Surrounding yourself with the compassion and love of your family is your primary focus. Washington's & Smith's Paradise understands. With your best interests at heart, we seek to offer tasteful and professional funeral services that will commemorate the life of the departed, and alleviate the needless stress that can surround the bereaved.


Our respectful and accommodating staff is ready to help you honor your loved one’s spirit by creating services tailored to meet your needs. Allow us to simplify the formalities so you can spend precious time with family and friends. 

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them and one of those opportunities is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices they made, the relationship you shared, their life's experiences, journeys, etc., and honors the memory of your loved one.


Washington's & Smith's Paradise would like to be a part of this special moment in you and your loved one's life.  Give us an opportunity to be a blessing to you and your family and to provide your loved one a service to be remembered, covered with dignity, respect, and professionalism.







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