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About Us

Washington's & Smith's Paradise Funeral Home is a family friendly funeral home that is personally connected to the communities of both Shreveport and Vivian as well as the surrounding areas.  Those employed at our funeral home are personally connected to those whom we serve, yet able to provide the most excellent, professional service possible.


We are a funeral home that prides itself on attention to detail to provide the ideal funeral for your loved ones.  We realize every family is different; therefore we make it our job to provide personalized services to honor your loved ones in a special way.  Giving you this best possible service isn't just another way to do business, it's the only way to do business.

Our Staff

Our staff is sympathetic to the tender nature of our client's needs. We take the time to truly understand your particular requests so your service is rich with significant and celebratory remembrance.



          Rev. Willis Hill                    Dea. Freddie "Shug" Jackson                Shelia Smith

          Funeral Director                          Chief Executive Officer                         Office Manager



  Pastor Trenton M. Smith, Sr.                    Kenya R. Smith                   Mr. Terry L. Smith

           Operations Manager                  Funeral Director & Embalmer    Funeral Director & Embalmer

                                                                       Intern                                      Owner




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